February 24, 2013 | Filed Under Stained Glass 

Returning to this (after some 5 years and a new computer) had me so frustrated I was literally in tears. Among other awful things I had uploaded several photos into a post and they were so big only a corner showed. The site would not let me select thumbnail, medium or small. I have it under control now, and am just posting an arty photo from a window I’m working on to show myself that I can. I want to post and talk, even though it may be to no one but myself. I am thinking things, have made hundreds of windows, few of which I feel good about, and time is passing rapidly, and, you know, the usual.  Maybe this is the first of many and I will have someone with whom illusorially to share life.DSC03036

This is a hand of God holding a globe. I’m holding the two pieces in place against the surrounding glass which isn’t painted yet. I also subsequently added more color to the hand piece. It looks cool. The globe piece of glass broke on the corners when Giancarlo cut it, but I really wanted that particular piece for obvious reasons, so I’m just going to make some little pieces of blue for the corners and they will be leaded into the window. It’s really high up anyway.


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